Rust Prevention Magic (RPM - 4 oz.) - (Case of 24)
Rust Prevention Magic (RPM - 4 oz.) - (Case of 24)Rust Prevention Magic (RPM - 4 oz.) - (Case of 24)Rust Prevention Magic (RPM - 4 oz.) - (Case of 24)Rust Prevention Magic (RPM - 4 oz.) - (Case of 24)Rust Prevention Magic (RPM - 4 oz.) - (Case of 24)

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Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is an Award Winning & Patented Rust Prevention Product that Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New!

  • RPM creates a barrier that protects Alloys, Aluminium, Brass, Chrome, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel & many other metals from the harmful effects of acids, corrosion, saltwater, moisture, oxidation and rust.
    • While RPM does work on Chrome, it is important to understand that Chrome requires addition buffing to regain a shiny finish after RPM's application to the chrome item.
Question: What is Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) and what does it do? 
Answer: Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is a patented product that protects bare metal against rust, corrosion and deterioration. RPM forms a durable barrier to ensure acids, liquids, moisture, oxidation and rust can not effect the metal. 

Question: How do I apply Rust Prevention Magic (RPM)
Answer: Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is applied by first heating the targeted metal piece with a heat gun or hair dryer. The goal is to heat the metal to between 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the part has been heated, use a soft bristle brush and gently brush across the RPM. Once the RPM is on the brush, run the brush across the heated part. You will see the RPM liquefy upon contact with the heated metal. Fully coat the part than allow it to dry. For application, we recommend a soft bristle brush, which is why we include a FREE application brush with every purchase of a 4 oz. or 8 oz. container of "Rust Prevention Magic (RPM)." There are application videos under the "videos" tab as well as in-depth information if you have any further questions. 

Question: How often should I reapply Rust Prevention Magic (RPM)
Answer: Typically customers reapply once a year to ensure they are receiving full protection. This is dependent on many variables including the conditions you are subjecting the area Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) was applied to. We have done test with metal that has never been retreated in 10 years and it still has not had any rust or corrosion because RPM is a extremely durable product. 

Question: Can I heat the Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) rather than the metal part? 
Answer: We would not suggest heating the RPM rather than the metal part. This can lead to less effectiveness and larger amounts of waste. 

Question: Does Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) remove Rust?Answer: No, Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) does not remove rust but rather prevents further rusting. It is important to understand that RPM will preserve your metal in whatever condition it is in when RPM is applied. You must remove rust first than apply RPM to ensure that metal is never effected again. 

Question: Will Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) change the appearance once applied? 
Answer: No, Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is dry to the touch and will not change the appearance of anything it is applied to.

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