Magic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) Bundle
Magic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) BundleMagic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) BundleMagic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) BundleMagic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) BundleMagic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) Bundle

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Purchase of this "Magic Guard/Rust Prevention Magic (4 oz) Bundle"  saves you 15% as well as gets you a FREE "Micro-Fiber Towel," FREE Soft Bristle Application Brush FREE shipping!


Magic Guard is a Patented Multi-Use Car Care Product that Protects Wheels,


Prevents Rust and Repels Rain!

  • Wheels: Protects Chrome, Aluminium, Magnesium and all other wheels from brake dust & road grime.
  • Rust Prevention: Protects bare, coated and plated metals by creating durable, impenetrable barrier.
  • Glass: Enhances visibility with water beading technology, prevents water spots.


Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is an Award Winning & Patented Rust Prevention Product that Keeps Metal Parts Looking Brand New!

  • RPM creates a barrier that protects Alloys, Aluminium, Brass, Chrome, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel, Steel & many other metals from the harmful effects of acids, corrosion, saltwater, moisture, oxidation and rust.
    • While RPM does work on Chrome, it is important to understand that Chrome requires addition buffing to regain a shiny finish after RPM's application to the chrome item.

Magic Guard is applied using a sponge, cloth or micro-fiber towel.  We recommend a micro-fiber towel, which is sold under our "Shop/Accessories" tab. 

Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is applied using a soft bristle brush, which is sold under the "Shop/Accessories" tab. 

Magic Guard is extremely confident in every product we release, but we also understand that spending your hard earned money on a new product can be a risk.  To remove that risk for our customers, we promise a money back guarantee on any purchase that does not live up to your expectations so that you can comfortably purchase our great products without worry!


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