Magic Guard (4 oz.) - (Case of 24)
Magic Guard (4 oz.) - (Case of 24)Magic Guard (4 oz.) - (Case of 24)Magic Guard (4 oz.) - (Case of 24)

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Magic Guard is a Patented Multi-Use Car Care Product that Protects Wheels, Prevents Rust and Repels Rain!

  • Wheels: Protects Chrome, Aluminium, Magnesium and all other wheels from brake dust & road grime.
  • Rust Prevention: Protects bare, coated and plated metals by creating durable, impenetrable barrier.
  • Glass: Enhances visibility with water beading technology, prevents water spots.


Question: What is Magic Guard and what does it do? 

Answer: Magic Guard is a patented product that has three main uses: protecting wheels from road grime & brake dust, preventing bare, coated & plated metals from rust & corrosion and providing improved visibility for glass through its water beading technology. For wheels, Magic Guard protects chrome, aluminium, magnesium and all other wheel/rim types. For Rust Prevention, Magic Guard also protects bare, coated & plated metals from rust/corrosion. Also for all glass, Magic Guard improves visibility through enhanced water beading technology. 

Question: How do I apply Magic Guard

Answer: Magic Guard is applied by using a sponge, cloth or microfiber towel to rub the product of your desired use. Apply the Magic Guard onto the sponge, cloth or towel and rub it onto the targeted area. Allow Magic Guard to sit for at least 60 seconds before removing any excess product. For application, We recommend a microfiber towel, which is why we include a FREE micro-fiber towel with every purchase of a 4 oz. container of Magic Guard. There are application videos under the "videos" tab as well as in-depth information if you have any further questions. 

Question: How often should I reapply Magic Guard

Answer: We suggest re-application at least once a year. Reapplication times can vary dependent on what type of conditions you are subjecting the treated area to. 

Question: Will Magic Guard effect my wheels' shine or change the look once applied? 

Answer: No, Magic Guard is dry to the touch and will not change the appearance of anything it is applied to.

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